Monday, January 25, 2010

His and Hers

This past weekend was a drill weekend so I did a little shopping with the girls. I had lunch with the twins and then we went hunting for bridesmaid dresses for Kimberly's wedding. Since Allyson is pregnant, Kimberly(the bride) tried on dresses for Allyson. Must be nice having a twin! We did find a cute dress with pockets. I'm really excited about the pockets... Lee called me on his way home from drill to confirm we had food at home. He was hungry! Nothing eventful to report from the drill. This is a good thing. Lee said they had quite a bit of class time and they did P90X for hours. His abs and legs are sore. He's still in bed when I leave for work and his muscles were starting to tighten up last night so I'll be curious to see how he feels today. Evil laugh. Evil laugh. It was a great his and hers weekend. FYI: The art arrived this weekend and Lee hung it up for me last night. It looks really good. I'll post a picture of the new dining room as soon as I get the new chandelier.

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