Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little of This & That

The doctor decided to go ahead and have Lee's dad start chemo. He had his first treatment last Friday. He hasn't had a bad reaction to it yet. After a long debate, the doctors decided that we have nothing to lose. We can let the cancer win or at least fight it with treatment. He may not have the strength for chemo but at least we can say we tried. Lee’s parent’s decided to go for it with a “what do we have to lose attitude”. I really admire my MIL’s strength and optimistic attitude. She is definitely a glass half full gal. We keep begging 2010 to throw us a rainbow but in the meantime we’re climbing mountains and hurdling new ones. My southern belle of a grandmother fell last week. She broke her hip and shoulder. She has since had surgery to set the breaks. She’s not a candidate for a hip replacements due to her health. My sweet granddad is her comedic relief. He is the epitome of her Prince Charming. They have been married since they were teenagers and he's just recently turned 80 years old! Lee and I are praying for healing and comfort. We are approaching another Drill Weekend. Lee will do his thing while I shop for bridesmaid dresses with Kimberly. It'll be nice to have a change of pace.

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