Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sooo...I really have no excise for my recent hiatus from you dear blog world. I feel like a Girl Scout getting prepared for her next adventure or is that Boy Scouts that are always prepared? Anyway. I'm busy working on a big project, but I have random goodies for you all today! One. My sister cousin got a new puppy! Teacup Yorkie. Check Sophie out:
Two. Lee and I like to order Chinese takeout from a yummy place close to our home. Not a fan of seeing a cat on the counter to greet me...
Three. Saw some fabulous trunks on my recent trip to Hobby Lobby. Priced very nicely, I had a hard time walking away. I know I know. Leave me alone. I'm not sure if I have a spot for them. You go buy one!
They look a lot like Restoration Hardware's Mayfair style, huh?! See HERE. And your welcome.

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