Monday, June 8, 2009

Roller Coasters

I used to love the thrill of roller coasters as a kid but these days the only roller coaster I'm riding is that of emotion. Lee has left for training. I have been doing an insane amount of chores daily even if they don't need to be done just to keep me busy and have something to control. 'The Army Way" is full of surprises. I've had my phone glued to my hip since he left but I left it at the house yesterday evening while I took Cooper for a walk. As I was walking in the front door my vm notifier was going off. I missed his call(s). He left 4 vms and if only he had called once more...devastated. Sick. Woke up with my eyes glued shut from crying my eyes out last night. He said he won't be able to call for weeks but hopes to send a letter soon. Strangely, the song "We are Strong" is ringing in my ears. Ha. I think I'll be OK.

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