Friday, July 17, 2009

Appointed Platoon Guide

I got 2 more letters from Lee yesterday! He was appointed Platoon Guide by his DS! I've learned that this a HUGE honor. This honor ranks him just below his DS. He wrote that he basically does everything the DS used to do. The platoon was then divided into different squads by their PT scores. (Alpha, Bravo, etc) Each squad then nominated Squad Leaders. The Squad Leaders are to report to Lee and Lee reports to the DS. Crazy?! I wish I could be in Lee's pocket to see him in action; a bit different from being President of your class! He said that its a bit exhausting learning all his new responsibilities. Some of the guys are still a bit rowdy. One in particular, is recently fresh out of high school and seems rebellious. Lee is trying to straighten up loose ends and get everyone doing their thing, but this particular kid doesn't think that he has to abide by any of the rules. He's been very rude and outright rude to Lee. He was being disrespectful towards another guy in the platoon and that guy punched him in the back of the head! The rebellious kid came to Lee for help and advice on what he should do. Lee thought that was interesting. However, Lee followed protocol. He suggested the kid report the incident; especially since their was some noticeable swelling to his head. Turns out the ambulance had to come and get him and the guy that punched him was taken to jail! Lee's back is feeling better. It was causing him quite a bit of pain from the fall. One of day, the DS was supposed to teach a class but he forgot all of his slides and handouts so he talked about Family Day the whole time instead. He gave neat little tips and discussed past Family Days with the guys. This of course got everyone riled up to see their families. Lee wrote a lot about Family Day again. I cannot wait to see him. I probably talk about him and only him around all my friends/family right now but I can't help it.

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