Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phone Call

I got a 10 minute phone call! It was amazing to hear his voice. I had a bunch of things to tell him and I blurted them all out at once. I asked him if he gets to wear bug spray and sunscreen?!?! I then realized I was asking stupid questions and told him we can talk about bugs another time! I told him that I just wanted to hear about how he misses and loves me to pieces. I can't really recall anything important that we talked about but he was adament about making sure I booked my trip to see him in August for the Family Day weekend. He told me that he was really very homesick for me. He said they have a lot to carry/wear and it's very hot. He's glad that he's exhausted all the time so it makes the homesickness barable. He saved a lot of time by telling me that many of the things that I had vented about in my letters he had already written a response and I should receive those letters soon. Eventually the DS came into the bay and told everyone to end their calls. I told Lee to tell his DS to kiss it. haha Lee said he would prefer not to do that...kiss kiss. I love you and that was it. Dial tone. Back to reality. Make my grocery list. Give Cooper a bath. Mow the yard. Anything to keep me busy and I mean busy! I called Jan (Lee's Mom) as soon as I hung up the phone. While telling her about Lee's call I started to zone out and felt like a real downer. I miss him so much. This is hard. I can't wait to see his face. I want to see his super short hair. I wonder if he has abs of steel from all the "corrective training" they're doing. I can't wait to see that too!

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