Monday, July 13, 2009

Give MY Letters to MY Husband!

I went a little over a week without getting a letter and then wham! I get two, five page letters in the same day. Then I got a another letter the following day. He said that he hasn't had much personal time to write so when they got a "light day" on the 4th of July they were allowed to watch the Patriot in an air conditioned training classroom. Instead, he wrote me the entire time. Apparently there has been a lot of drama in the barracks. Some immature idiots are getting kicked out of the Army. They broke into the DS's (drill sergeant's) office, got their cell phones and were caught eating candy; junk food. When they'll get kicked out is yet to be determined. When screw ups behave like this, the Army has been known to hold them until graduation and then give them the boot. There's young kid that comes to Lee crying a lot too. He wants to quit so bad but he always confronts the DS bawling like a baby so of course the DS doesn't give him the time of day. Lee basically told him to suck it up and approach the DS like a man and maybe they will help him figure things out, etc. Lee's Company is split into 4 platoons since there are so many guys. Someone from another platoon made a racist comment to someone in Lee's platoon and EVERYONE has been getting corrective training and smoked at the drop of a hat. Lee is exhausted. He said that they were at Chow (dinner) when the DS came in and yelled for everyone to get in formation. (Lee feels like they're getting less and less time to eat but he's learned to devour his food.) They get in formation and notice that someone is missing. Minutes later, the guy appears and this is unacceptable. The DS made everyone drop down on their belly and grab their ankles. They then had to wiggle approximately 70 yrds to a tree. Lee wrote that he's got blisters from climbing ropes, scrapes, bruises and whatever else requires Bandaids and Neospoirn. I sent him a few First Aid items that I am allowed to send upon Lee's request. I miss him so much. I send a letter everyday except Sunday. Duh. I've been told that the DS will hold letters during mail call to beat the guys down; single them out. This was only rumor until Lee confirmed that he received 11 letters from me in one mail call, the same day he also received a letter from his mom, Nana and Jacob/Taylor. He was told to do 25 pushups/situps for each envelope and 75 for his Mom's letter since it came in a FedEx envelope. Geez. He was so happy to get mail that he was more than excited to do the work to get to read some encouraging words and find out what's going on back home. He said, "Keep them coming!" It's the highlight of the day for the entire Company. I can imagine not getting a letter would be a real downer. He fell. He was climbing a rope and didn't have a good hold with his ankles and was using all his upper body strength that he was zapped by the time he got halfway up the rope and he fell 15ft. He landed on his feet, then his back and then his head. Everyone was amazed that he got back up. I hate reading stuff like that in letters but I'm glad he tells me but at the same time, I have so many more questions!

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Eric and Lar Holquin said...

erin that is just nuts!! i can't believe some of that!! wow. you are a strong woman!! God bless you!!!!!:) love ya!!