Monday, September 20, 2010


It's not complete, but I have obviously been slacking in regards to completing our house tour. Also, I would like some help finding items to complete each room!
Before & After:

I'll place a nice reading chair in the corner by the file cabinet and I want to get a ghost chair for the desk. I removed the current chairs prior to taking this picture so you can get the "full monty." Currently, Lee's ugly black leather bachelor-like chair is being used for the reading chair and I use one of the breakfast room chairs at the desk.
When I turn on the lamp, this shade shows a cool pattern. Ya like? It's hard to tell, but the small square vase is one that was delivered to me with flowers during Lee' training last Summer. I'm not sure what I will put in it...This table is now my desk. I like to spread my papers out and make a big mess. You could call this desk vintage too. My parents bought it before I was born. Wait, that makes me old. Scratch the vintage comment.
I'm thinking about getting two more large baskets for the very top shelve. I would also like to get a cute Catus and an Orchid to place to the left of the zebra hat box. That box holds miscellaneous items. Scissors, tape, stapler, etc. The small wooden box house pencils, pens, markers, etc.
I still haven't placed pictures in the frames...but have you decided on a chair for me? Maybe this is my opportunity to buy THIS chair that I adore soooo much!
And here is a picture looking into the breakfast room...

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