Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our final total raised was $12,325 for on Monday! The golf tournament was a success and our customers had a great time.
I did fairly decent on my mid-term too. I've recently discovered that I am incredibly hard on myself and always think that I could have done much better. No really, it's disgusting. Working on that...
It's been a busy week thus far and I'm greatly appreciative to see that I have made it to Friday Eve. Lee had drill last weekend and we've barely seen each other since he's been home. His OCS training has him on Leadership every other month and when he's not assigned to a position he has to answer to one via email or phone within a certain period if time. On top of that; he has to study for tests, complete assignments, and distribute a monthly newsletter! (one weekend a month my a*$...) We're ALREADY and definitely looking to plan our next vacation soon. Ha!
Speaking of vacation, I have a ton to tell you about Savannah. First, you must know that you need to visit The Paris Market & Brocante near Riverstreet when you go. It's the most glorious store ever and packed with all sorts of treasures for your home. Take a cloth to wipe the drool from your chin when you go.

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