Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Stalk This

One of my besties, Morgan (aka Mo) has a new blog. Her humor makes me laugh out loud loudly. Check her out now: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Mo and I became friends years ago. Yes. I said years. We were on the same floor in the dorms and pledged the same sorority. We did some silly things. What? Our Highlights Together Include: 1. Pie Eating Contest that led to puking in a neighboring sorority's front yard. Classy, I know. 2. Sneaking past a HS Senior Tour to get back into our dorm wearing last night's clothes. 3. $70 lobster on an all expense paid trip to Chicago via a boy.


Morgan said...

oooohhh...I was just talking about the Chicago trip the other day!!!

And that walk of shame...high school students, parents, ugh.

I may have to blog about this! haha
Thanks for the shout out yo!
Did you know we've been friends for 8 years? Weird!

Erin said...

There wasn't even anything to be shameful about other than prob smelling bad and smeared mascara! haha