Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Shirt = New Shirt

Last year I bought a shirt to wear with a super cute pencil skirt to Lee's OSUT Graduation in Fort Benning, GA. See pic below:
Well..since picking it up at the cleaners last year, I have not worn it since this graduation. The yarn flowers came back frizzy and I was devastated. Until, I read an article in Marie Claire that buttons, brooches, and other hardware are all the rage this year. We must add these items to last year's cardigans, sweaters, and Winter coats. Yes Ma'am! This is me trying to look inconspicuous while taking this picture in my office:

  1. How did I do this? I skedaddled to my local fabric store and picked up several gems. I took my seam ripper and took apart the current adornments. I then gathered my new hardware and strategically placed it here and there with the existing materials that were on the shirt previously-minus the frizzy yarn balls. (black lace, fabric rosettes and black tulle were still in tact) I then sewed them all on using black thread. Ta-da!