Monday, October 11, 2010

Drill Weekend

Lee had drill this past weekend so I disappeared to the lake. My parents have successfully moved all of their stuff from the old lake house and into the new lake house. Mom saved the decorating for my visit. Whoot Whoot! We arranged and rearranged. I loved every minute. I bought this cute mirror on my lunch break last week to take to the lake house. Cute, huh?
We (Cooper & I) came home on Sunday. I scrambled to get groceries, a mani/pedi, wash the car, and beat Lee home to start a load of laundry. Success. Continuing our new tradition, we went to our favorite pizza place on campus for dinner to catch up on the weekend's events. Later, we met up with BFF Jacob to watch a movie. We saw Life As We Know It. It was cute, but I would consider it a renter. We've seen Our Town and Social Network recently too and I would tell you to go see those opposed to renting. If you haven't noticed, we like movies.

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