Monday, October 11, 2010


This morning on the way to work I witnessed an accident. An unidentified silver truck changed lanes into a lane that was being controlled by another car. This car swerved to avoid being hit and lost control due to the road's wet roads from last night's rainfall. The car was sent off the shoulder and into a ditch until it came to a complete stop after hitting a fence post. The silver truck was long gone before the car stopped. I pulled my own car to the shoulder and ran down the interstate in my dress and heels to make sure the driver was OK. It was young college student headed to class. My heart sank for her. She was hysterical, but only received a cut on her pinky. She had been blessed. Both airbags had deployed and her car appeared totaled. I waited for her mom and the HWY patrolman to arrive. Several men had stopped to assist. I didn't want her to wait alone with a creepy old man. You would have thought her blond hair was a stop sign. (By my description, can you tell I used to investigate insurance fraud?)

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