Thursday, December 9, 2010

Call Me, Mrs. Christmas

Project Elf went great! I only had 15 lists unaccounted for when my deadline for employees passed. Which meant, I took my company card and went shopping to fulfill 15 Dear Santa Letters! This week I have been receiving toys from employees and preparing them for delivery. My week has gone something like this:

I took many carts out to the car.
I unloaded in the middle of my living room floor.
Every toy needed to be organized by each child's list.
All toys were then bagged and prepared for pickup by taping each list to its bag.
All toys are marked with the children's name to prevent the potential return of gifts for store credit. You would love to think that all foster parents are honest, but unfortunately some aren't. Bikes, keyboards, scooters, dolls, clothes, and Leapfrogs oh my! It's so rewarding to be an elf. I like seeing the child's list because it seems more personal to place a name and age with the toy you choose. Love Love Love this part of my job.

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