Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pittsburgh, Boston, Ft. Worth & Back

Last week was cr-cr-crazzzy. Midweek, I flew to Boston to tour a customer's facility. I really enjoyed seeing the "guts" of the operation. We did lunch and talked bzzzness. It was great. What wasn't so great was the fact that my suitcase got lost in transition! I went round and round with the airline's customer service department. It took them over 24 hours to deliver my bag! It was like Survivor-Erin Style at Walgreens in the middle of the night (3am) when I discovered that my bag would not be delivered before my meeting the following day. I took a cab to Walgreens around the corner from my hotel to stock up on drugstore granny panties and cheap-o makeup. I got creative with the layers I had in my possession and bought a few things at a clothing boutique 1st thing the next morning.  Whew!

If you ever go to Boston (and you really should) you def need to checkout Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It's a fun space with old architecture, my favorite stores, and so much more.  I experienced the best crabcake of my life at Kingfish Hall. Faneuil also has many fabulous pubs with live bands to adore. In Boston-I felt very much at home, but with better food.

When I got back home-home (not hotel) Lee and I darted for Ft. Worth to see one of my gal pals from college get married. Her reception was at The Ashton so Lee and I stayed the night there. It was nice to get away and not feel rushed to get back home. We had many belly laughs with Mo, Mal, and their significant others. I'm hoping the wedding photographer took some good shots of us all because we were all very lame and didn't bother much with the camera. When I say lame, I mean having too much fun to care!

We got back home-home (again, not hotel) late in the afternoon. I hurried into my jammies and remained horizontal on the couch until bedtime.


Morgan said...

I had sooo much fun with you!!!

Erin said...

I had a blast with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!