Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stock the Bar

I attended my 1st Stock the Bar wedding shower  last night in my dream neighborhood. No kidding. The neighborhood oozes cuteness. Imagine Desperate Housewive's Wisteria Lane mushed with Father of the Brides neighborhood. Are you following me? Anyway, prior to last night(months ago), I had already stalked the neighborhood's builder's credentials, etc to check out for my future home building project.
Back to the party...Stacy and Charlie are getting married!!! Yay!!! Caroline and Sean were in town from Chicago and hosted the sweet bash too. We had a cookout and gushed about Caroline's savvy party decorating skills. "I do" wish I would have taken pix. Darn it. I'm sure they did. I'll link you to their blogs to check out when they're posted...if they post them. It's so good to catch up with old and new friends. Work week cookouts should be mandatory AND on great porches like last night's shindig. I took a bottle of ice wine. I don't remember the brand but the chick helping me suggested it. Ice wine is yummy and brings back fun memories of when Lee and sipped some at a vineyard near Niagara Falls. You'll have to Google how ice wine is made. I remember it being fascinating but enjoying the tasting of it all more than the how it works details. Typical, I know.

Picture I took of what I took to the party before I made the bow smaller. Only a tad smaller. I like big bows. Can't help myself.

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