Monday, June 6, 2011

Scaredy Cat

This was me while Lee was at drill this past weekend. In reality, I should have crashed Taylor and Jake's house when the night seemed hairy. On the other hand, I was determined to buck up and suck it up seeing that I'm a grown woman that owns a gun. I got Lee's new wheels on Saturday so the truck moves again.  I then headed to a go-to place of mine in town to get paper goods, etc for my cousin's baby shower this weekend!
Other decor will include: a banner, ultrasound framed pic, diaper cake, baby rose bouquet, clothesline to display new baby clothes...of course I'll post pix.

On Sunday I had brunch at The Diner with Taylor. O man that place gives you a lot of food and it is soooo good. I just learned that they serve breakfast all day and this excites me because I'm a sucker for Brenner. Breakfast for dinner is more my speed since my breakfast usually consists of a protein shake on the go but I can't argue with brunch!  When Lee got home we went to The Garage to chow down on a yummy, greasy burger. Heaven in a bun.

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