Friday, June 24, 2011


Sometimes I think that I am the keeper of solutions in my position at work. I wear many hats and my least favorite is when I have to configure a solution for someone else's problem. I'm always happy to help, but biting my tongue nonetheless. My tongue gets very sore.

Anyway...this weekend we're on the road again for Lee's birthday. Last weekend we celebrated with my family and this weekend we will be with his. We always stay at his Nana's house. I have twisted her arm long enough to persuade her to let me amp up our bed and bath that we use at her house. My budget is minimal but we are ripping up carpet(hardwood underneath), painting the trim and walls, etc. I bought these sheets last night at TJ's:

I plan on pairing this with the already existing navy comforter and pinwheel quilt on the bed. Is it 5 yet???

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