Monday, June 27, 2011

Wknd Happenings

So the guest suite makeover at Nana's went great!!! I took some pix but we're not completely done so I'm not sharing. haha
We(Lee & I):
Removed the heavy duty shelving units in both rooms
Tore up carpet in the bedroom and the connecting bathroom
Polished the hardwood floors in the bedroom and cleaned the existing tile in the bathroom
Painted the trim, baseboards, window sills and bathroom walls white
Painted the bedroom a butter yellow color
Sprayed the face plates silver
Replaced the shower curtain rod (they had a crazy metal one with brackets, screws, etc)
Rearranged the furniture to harness my chi (haha)
I then went shopping in the house to find a smaller night stand (Nana has a lot of options!)

Whew! I'm completing the transformation with some accessories this weekend when we go back.

When we got home I was due for a mani/pedi.

I then headed to the grocery store. I then made things that I can't eat. I made a big crock of chili for Lee and left it on low for 7 hours. (I swear I have the best recipe. Lee devours it.) I made a big bowl of tuna salad too. I can't take the credit for that recipe. It's dad's and it's incredibly yummy.) I even packed Lee's lunch and made him a scrambled egg and cheese sandwich using bagle thins for him to warm up this morning.

I started an insane diet and feel the need to keep busy so I don't chew on my finger. (Kidding. Kinda.) Anyway, I lost 10lbs in 1 week so I'm doing something right! Do me a favor and go eat this for me:


mhhendricks said...

What diet?? I've been looking for a great one!!

Erin said...

HCG! I lost 15 lbs during the 23 day cycle. I'll prob do another cycle sometime in August when I finish the maintenance phase.
My stuff was ordered from here: