Thursday, May 2, 2013

angel wings & USPS appeal

Remember THESE angel wings that I painted and glazed? I finally hung them! I know. Took me long enough, huh?
This is the pink guest room. I need to style and edit this room for pictures so I'll have better images to share soon.

Did I tell you I shipped an ipad to Lee's APO for Christmas? Even shipped it November 5th to ensure it could be received beforehand due to packages getting bottle-necked during busy season. Did I tell you it was never delivered, wasn't returned and they denied my insurance claim? I'll be sure to indulge more and even share my appeal letter with you after I receive feedback from it. I was just able to submit our appeal today. This has proven to be the most ridiculous process. Even more poor has been the customer service but with the exception of a few kind individuals along the way.  A military spouse doesn't need to stress about a package not getting to her Soldier. I'm hoping USPS makes good on this. To be cont'd.

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