Monday, May 6, 2013

poke graduate

My sweet cousin whom I love dearly and like a sister graduated college on Saturday. The whole family (minus Lee) caravanned to see her accept that expensive and hard-earned piece of paper.
We got there early to sit together and took up an entire row.
Isn't she precious?! Love her. I wore THIS floral skirt.
I brought cupcakes to the celebration. For a Cowboy Poke as a mascot, I thought the flavors were fitting. Campfire Goo, Vanilla Howdy and Caramel Two-Step:

I picked up the dessert the night before and being that OSU is my alama mater's rival I'm sure the cakes almost burned upon entrance into our home. Happy to report that they did not and they were delicious but...Boomer Sooner anyway.

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