Tuesday, May 7, 2013

good news+

Last night I ran to Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 to get a couple things. I'm trying to finish styling a few spaces for pictures. I'm having a hard time finding a stopping place because I'm not finding exactly what I want.

I can hardly focus this week because we should be learning Lee's homecoming date any day now! Crazy, right?! There's a really good chance he might be home sometime next week but where and when I have no idea. However, that means a huge homecoming party is right around the corner too! I'm super excited to celebrate Lee, this past year's accomplishments and what's to come. AND my birthday is next week too! Holy smokes. Best birthday present ever.

And we're getting a HomeGoods. Yay! Construction is in progress now.

I'm going to the lake house for Mother's day and we're ordering shrimp from our favorite vacay spot to be overnighted for a yummy shrimp boil. How fun is that?!

Now let's chat about my favorite celebrity "dress up" event, the Met Ball. I want to go badly! Or at least attend the red carpet and gawk at the edgy designs. Ha! From what I have seen, Cara Delevingne and Ivanka Trump top my list this time. Surprise contenders, huh? There were a lot of knockouts but my wins are always decided based upon what I would wear only.

Cara's plunging neckline and studded detail had me at 1st glance. This Burberry dress is perfect for the night's punk to couture theme. She looks stunning. Makeup and hair are perfect and this dress even looks slinky like it would be comfty for a fun night with friends.
The supermodel looks to have had a blast in the dress too! Sienna Miller must have said something funny about their resembling ensembles.
I was somewhat surprised to see Mrs. Trump hit the nail on the head with a punk theme. I love the navy and green together. She too looks stunning but in a Juan Carlos Obando gown. She even did some color streaks in her hair for the evening. I feel like she gets prettier and prettier, no? 

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