Friday, May 3, 2013

ketchup friday

I attended my third yoga class last night and sweat so much. I was gross wet. I then went across the parking lot to my tanning place (Gotta get some sun for our upcoming vacay!) and soon realized that tanning and then putting wet clothes back on isn't a fun idea. I'm normally not a big "sweater" when I workout but warm yoga makes me sweat buckets because it's so hot in there! I still need to post about my final Insanity results! I had a great experience with it. I'm about to start Insanity again and do it on my yoga "off" days.

Still want a dang juju hat. I ran across a good source for them I want a blue or red one! I'm looking at you, Lee. HERE. Ha! Here's a little juju eye candy with out color of the year in mind.

Here's few images from Chelsie's bridal brunch!
 Take-home honey for guests.

The menu I was excited to have served:
Stuffed french toast
Sausage, cheese, onions, bell peppers and egg cupcakes
Rosemary potatoes
Fruit w/ a cream based sauce
Mimosa, tea and water station

And of course we had dessert:

 You may or may not have noticed that Chelsie's favorite color is purple.

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