Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boogie Man

The Boogie Man haunted my imagination last night. First big scare since Lee has been gone. I have trouble sleeping these days so I've gotten into a horrible habit. I crawl into bed and watch television until I can barely hold my eyes open. Last night was no different other than the fact that I heard a strange noise! It wasn't just me that heard it either. Cooper did too. He even jumped out of bed and started pawing at the door to go check it out. Normally, noises don't bother me. This one did. Embarrassingly, I keep my bedroom door locked while Lee is gone even though we have an alarm system. Laugh it you will...I finally mustard up the strength to get out of bed and run to my closet. I started going down my call list on my phone to see who was still awake all the while gripping my panic button to set off the alarm. After confirming with Kimberly that she has my address in case a crazy person was in my house, I carefully unlocked my door. Keeping Kimberly on the phone, I flipped on every light in the house until I could confirm I was alone. I confirmed. I have no idea what Cooper and I heard. After totally freaking myself out, I felt relief and then I got really sad. I hate feeling alone all the time. It gets hard. I know I'm never truly alone. My friends are great. Cooper keeps me entertained and my family is the best. Bedtime just sucks. I called Lee and left a voice message. I know his phone is turned off and he doesn't have it in his possession. Sometimes it's comforting to simply hear his voice. Anyway. New day. Gorgeous weather. And I can chuckle a bit about my vast imagination.

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