Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out of the Hospital

Lee is out of the hospital! When I talked to him last, he was waiting for the DS to come pick him up. He is very bummed because his new medical profile has strict limitations on what he can do for a month and ½. . Basically, he has to report to this place we will call “sick call” every week for a checkup and blood tests. Every 2 weeks his limitations will decrease and he will be able to do more. He won’t be able to go onto Airborne School immediately after graduation. Instead, his orders are to sit around and wait for the doctor to release him to full activity. He wants to be able to come home and sit around and wait. His orders are adjustable by the doctor’s discretion. There are a lot of questions in the air right now and we are waiting for him to have a sit-down with his Commander or National Guard liaison to see what his options are. I reiterated that we have a lot to be thankful for right now. His health #1! He gets to graduate and I fly out to see him one week from today. AND this may be a month and ½ less on the countdown that we don’t have to worry about him getting deployed. He will go Airborne eventually but right now he needs to concentrate on feeling better. The doctor says that a lot of stress were put on his kidneys and liver, especially his liver. Hopefully he’ll find out more info soon. To be cont’d…

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