Thursday, September 10, 2009

Erin Tests the DS

So...I sent a disposable camera to see if I could get it past the DS. Sneaky I know...but I was hoping Lee would be able to keep it and he was! I got it in the mail today and raced to CVS to get the pictures developed in the 1 hr photo option. Very few came back looking decent but there are a few good ones.
Lee said a couple guys weren't getting along so the DS stuck their helmets together all day:)
One day the DS told the guys to take apart their bunks and set them up outside in the same format or they would get smoked if it wasn't done in 30 mins or less. They got smoked. I may have already made a post about that...anyway, here's a visual.
Lee's on the top bunk.
When Lee does field training, this is how he sleeps. This week it's raining. No words.

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Eric and Lar Holquin said...

oh erin, that is so neat:) thanks for sharing. very touching, especially the last one!!!!!:)