Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Weekend

A lot has happened since my last blog. Lee made it through the week in the field and completed his fourth mile of his twelve mile ruck march to Honor Hill when he collapsed on Friday evening. He suffered a severe case of heat exhaustion. He had a temp of 102 when he blacked out. They did the heat casualty exercise with the ice sheets and took him to the hospital. He had a catheter and an IV before I was notified of what had happened early Saturday morning. His enzyme levels were very high and the doctor wanted to monitor the enzyme trends until they leveled out. The important thing-he is OK. He was worried about this incident pushing his graduation back or being asked to restart. When you restart, the DS can push you back in your training depending on what they feel is appropriate. Fortunately, Lee's DS came to visit him Sunday and confirmed that Lee will not have to redo the march and he will still graduate with his platoon. This is GREAT news and a HUGE relief. Today Lee's 1st Sergeant came to see him. He confirmed that Lee will graduate on time. The 1st Sergeant reiterated that Lee needs to make the doctor aware of his upcoming training so his medical profile will be accurate. He wants the doctor to understand that Lee will not be getting a break from training but he will be going onto multiple training schools after graduation next week. If his condition is going to affect his training then his file needs to read that. Lee is becoming more and more like himself everyday. He has been very week and nauseous all weekend. However yesterday, when I talked to him I rattled on about my day and then asked him how his day was going. He sarcastically said, " Oh I rolled over a couple of times, went to the the bathroom about 80 times and got several new IV bags." I laughed. It is so nice to hear him laugh. Lee's doctor is pleased with his progress and hopes to send him back to his platoon this evening. He really wants his CT to come down??? Lee told me that involved the enzymes surrounding his kidneys.

"I love you. Lee"

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