Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 12

Lee had his phone this past weekend. We got to talk a bit but he was still busy doing his normal drills, chores, etc. The DS allowed the guys to use their phones since they are in the field all of this week. Lee left Sunday afternoon to rough it for the week. My heart hurts for him because I've read and heard so much about what he's doing this week. This is comparable to a semester final. They are taking every bit of information they have learned thus far and cramming it into multiple scenarios throughout the week. I looked up the weather forecast for him and there are high percentages of rain for him this week too. He said he's going to spend extra time working on his irrigation ditches since they sleep on the ground. He's been told to inform his family/friends to stop sending letters. DS receives many letters well after gradation because it takes so long to sort all the incoming mail. Lee did ask that I overnight a few items. They were unable to go to the PX before they left for the field. PX was closed due to the holiday weekend. Since they are able to get Mail Call while in the field, I am sending toilet paper, wet wipes, bug spray, protein bars and gum. I'm sneaking in the protein bars and the gum. Hopefully the DS won't check it. Protein bars because I know he needs as much as he can get, especially this week. Gum to keep him awake. Some nights they have to have 50/50 awake to guard post. This means that 50% sleep while 50% keep watch. They rotate every hour. Sometimes they may do 30/70 or different. On Friday evening they will begin their 12 mile ruck march to Honor Hill. They will be told to carry boulders, telephone poles and more. When they reach Honor Hill in the middle of the night on Saturday, there will be a brief ceremony. This is when the Soldiers are transformed into Infantrymen. The DS will pin their "crossed rifles" on their uniforms. Lee and I talked about Graduation weekend and what all he wants me to bring. Oreos were among the list! I'll have a fridge in my room so I'm going to stop by a convenient store and get some milk for him when I fly into Columbus. I hope it will be nice and chilled for him.

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