Friday, May 14, 2010

Because I Promised

I almost forgot! I promised to post more Pitt pix this week. See below: The top row is the lobby. There is also a beautiful mahogany credenza and desk on a yellow wall to house a future receptionist. I have more yellow flowers, an end table and guest chairs too. The frames were hung a little high but I couldn't tell the new guy to redo it. They are the tricky frames with double hooks on the back. I know hanging those in a straight line wasn't an easy task... Bottom-left is the conference table complete with old black and white spindle tops that I ordered online. Bottom-center is a glimpse of the break room. I have one of those quirky clocks at home too. Bottom-right you see our maps! They have purpose and also provide color. I didn't frame them so we can punch tacks into locations, etc. I tweaked my graphics to coordinate with the wall colors I chose. I used many of our graphics throughout the space. I have more spindle tops displayed too. The grey wall color looks different in every room. Boo.

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Mogyver said...

I think it looks amazing E!