Monday, May 31, 2010

Cotton Anniversary

Hubby and I celebrated our 2 year Anniversary on Friday, May 28, 2010. He had an arrangement of beautiful Spring flowers with a package of cotton tied to the vase delivered to my office. I was in the most indecisive mood that evening. Lee had even agreed to go see the sequel of Sex and the City with me. We bought the tickets but at last minute it just didn't seem right to go watch it with him. For example, he didn't understand why I insisted on wearing my rhinestone ballet flats and my new dress to go watch a movie when we often sport something comfortable consisting of jeans and a polo when we head to the theater. On the way there, I had a change of heart. Instead of watching the movie, we headed to Pier 1 to admire a table I have been crushing for our entryway. Later, we headed towards Route 66 to do something fun for dinner at Pops. I had chicken strips and Lee gobbled a cheeseburger. We stopped by the theater to get our tickets reimbursed on the way home. Getting horizontal on the couch cuddling next to my clever hubby was the perfect close to a long adventurous week.

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