Friday, May 14, 2010

Food in Pittsburgh

I often find myself watching a game in the bar at Primanti Brothers while I am in Pittsburgh. It beats going back to the hotel to sit in my room until bedtime and it's extremely close to my hotel. This week was unlike any other. In fact, just last night we had reason to celebrate. My birthday this coming weekend and the opening of our new office! We are still stocking inventory but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We'll have an official grand opening in June but back to Primanti Brothers...
Layers upon layers and lots of stuff that I minus; Primanti Brothers is famous for this sandwich:
And since I'm such a cool cat, the balloon art creators that were present last night gave me their heart. After providing a tip, I returned it so that they could give it to someone else to enjoy. I didn't have the "heart" to leave it in my hotel room and wilt by its lonesome since I'm heading home.
You should def check this place out if you ever find yourself in the Pitts. During his campaign, John McCain made a visit with his wife. I was in town when he made this stop but at a Primanti Brothers across town when he made this visit:

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