Monday, July 26, 2010

Bring it Home

I have just returned home from my grandmother's memorial in Montgomery, AL. I had a sweet visit with my very awesome family. We ate and drank lots of yummies. I even ate Boston butt! During my visit, I noticed that Southerners like to monogram lots of things. I'm bringing this back to the Midwest with me because I happen to love it. Monograms that is...
My grands had their guest bathroom shower curtain monogrammed in this quirky font.
Something we don't leave stained is the doors. We paint them in the Midwest, but I love the look of a dark stained door and the different texture it adds to the room.
Grandad framed this funny piece of cloth. Something about it makes me smile. If you want to paint, but have ugly wallpaper that is causing you to procrastinate; paint over it. The wall paper may add instant texture or look like a new textured wallpaper.

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