Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Drill Weekend

Lee had July's drill this past weekend. I was not particularly found of this. I had just gotten back from my business trip to Pittsburgh and had to say, "Bon Voyage" to Lee after he picked me up at the airport last Friday. He came home Sunday night tired, stinky, and hungry. Nothing new, right?
Sounds like he had an eventful weekend filled with a lack of sleep. Currently, he's designing a website and forum for his OCS class. Among other typical leadership positions, he's also in charge of putting together the class newsletter once a month. However, that task has been tossed to me to initiate. Microsoft Publisher is a piece of cake for me. (says the marketing guru)
I went to play with friends while Lee was gone. We had a big, yummy dinner and game night at Taylor and Jacob's house. We played the game of things. It was hilarious and a must buy if you haven't already.
I do have some very important news for you too. I know I mentioned this to you. So don't be too surprised when you learn that I brought them back.