Monday, July 19, 2010

Design Star Recap

(Winning Team)
Surprise, surprise...another team challenge. Although, they did mix up the teams a bit, I am still looking forward to a solo challenge. This week the teams spruced up the inside of a firehouse in NYC. I was surprised that the losing team was so proud of their room. They made a small room look smaller. Did Tom really think painting the ceiling black would add something to the room? He was doing well when he increases the height of the ceiling by ripping out old ceiling tiles, but shot it to pieces when he reached for the black paint! The judges bid Nina audios after seeing her braille art. Good thing because I was getting tired of seeing her random murals. Go Casey for being the MVP designer! I noticed she got more face time on camera this week. I have a feeling she's going to make it to the finals. Reason #1 She's got talent. Reason #2 They aren't editing her image to look like a drama queen. HGTV wouldn't smear an image if they saw show potential. Would they???

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