Monday, July 12, 2010

Deserving Shout Out

We often listen to NPR on the radio to and from work everyday. Today was no different. After dropping me off at the airport this morning, Lee called me before he made it to work to tell me what he had just heard on the radio. After forwarding me the NPR link to listen to later, he told me that I should check out the blog while I waited for my plane. Curious by the inspired tone of Lee's voice, I immediately uploaded the page on my phone. I wasn't able to make it through a single post without crying. I dried my eyes after kicking myself for letting myself forget that I was in an airport. A Little Bit of Pink in a World of Camo is too real to read. While she blogs her reality, I read my biggest fears. She says: "On March 14, 2010, my beloved Mr. P was taken from me while fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom in Marjah, Afghanistan. He is still my absolute rock and without him I would not be the woman I am today. He was and remains an amazing man and a hell of a Marine. He is also a wonderful daddy, even though he never got to meet his baby girl. Instead of awaiting his homecoming, I am now living each day until I meet him again." This inspiring new mommy recently won the Best Military Spouse Blog Award and she is a reminder to us all to love hard. Everyday.

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