Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend deets

I sooooo enjoyed the holiday weekend.
I made THIS pumpkin dump cake and it was yummy to my tummy!
My aunt told my youngest cousin that she had eaten enough dessert for one day but when she stopped asking me to come find her during a game of hide 'n seek I knew something was up. Dad was the only one that noticed Kaylor sneak a fudgesicle and he pointed her out to me! Do you see her hiding under the desk eating her fudgesicle?! Too funny.
Dad and I participated in our 1st Black Friday ever! He told me about an awesome deal at Sears but we had to get up at 3:30am to get it! Dad got the only one they had in stock and almost missed it by 5 minutes but we were able to get Lee one with the same price by ordering it online from the store with free delivery. Dad says his is his Christmas from mom. The one I got will be for Lee's birthday in June. Exciting to think he'll be home by then!
I left my parent's house and headed to mine later that morning to get things done around the house before the came my way to stay the weekend. We all went to a family friend's house for Bedlam Eve dinner and had a good time.
I picked up a couple dozen cupcakes at my friend's bakery before meeting up with friends and family to tailgate the next day!
Boomer Sooner! We won in overtime. Such a great game to attend!
My favorite buds from Chicago were in town too! Caroline and Sean surprised me at the house that morning and then I got to see them again before the game at the tailgate. Gosh, I miss them.

My sweet parents went home yesterday after lunch. It felt so good to fill our home with positive energy again! I had a minor meltdown missing Lee Thanksgiving morning but all in all this holiday weekend was a great one!
AND these pretty flowers were just delivered to my office! Someone in Afghanistan sure does love me.

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