Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Study

Today we continue building my House Beautiful ideal-at-the-moment dream home. We are turning the corner to enter the study. I want this room to be a cozy, eclectic, creative space that provides a relaxing vibe to anyone that enters. You can pen a story, pay the bills, read a book or cruise the Internet in this room. I skimmed the images from House Beautiful of potential favorites for this room and came up short. Many images were too formal. I found a few but they lack the bit of glamour that I want to peek into the room. See below for the somewhat ideal images I did find.
This says, "let's get creative" to me. It's interesting. I would prefer a pair of these from Restoration Hardware or find something similar with a better price tag.
I could easily curl up with a good book in here but I would find it hard to mustard enough enthusiasm to do anything other than that.
This room has the fresh white look that I like BUT it has too many little accessories. Bigger is better and less is more for me.


Stacy said...

TJ Maxx sometimes has amazingly cute chairs and they are usually less than $200. Almost every time I walk in there I find a chair I love.

Erin said...

Great idea! I'll keep a lookout the next time I'm in there. I'm usually looking at the shoes...haha