Wednesday, August 11, 2010

B's College Pad

Recently, I helped B move into her new rental house before her Fall term begins. When I left, her place was close to finished. Does this Anthro shower curtain look familiar? I've seen it on several blogs: Like THIS one, THIS one, and THIS one!
Since we were working with a rental, only minor changes could be made. We sprayed painted the brassy hardware and light fixture silver. Figured, if the property manager has a problem with the change, we'll spray it back to brassy!
It's hard to tell in this image, but we found some adorable black/white hounds tooth fabric and made a $2 curtain with Heat & Bond tape! Grandma was wishing she had her sewing machine, but I was pretty impressed with the 15 minute curtain to place over the kitchen sink. O, how I love Heat & Bond...
This punch of color on the front porch was hard to design with my Alma Mater's rival colors. However, it is cute!

Originally, the turquoise pillow was a zipper bag that housed the shower curtain. We added a 18x18 pillow insert and ta-da!

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