Friday, August 6, 2010

Decorating for College

While in undergrad, I explored many stlyes of decorating. Ever year I chose something different from cottege chic quilts, zebra prints and neon paint choices. I liked moving too. Roomates and I signed a lease after every Spring term or the beginning of a new Fall semester. My parents joked about putting my furniture on rollers. Moving day was always made fun and accessorized with my need for placement perfection. Past college roomates endured my spontaneous rearrange of the furniture too. Story time: One afternoon after class, I came home and decided to put our living room furniture in the dining room and vice versa. My college roomie at the time, Caroline, enterted the house with our mutal bestie Mal and I swear their mouths hit the floor. There I was sitting in the the new "living room" with a disappointed look. Epic failure. This weekend I will be helping my cousin, Brandi move into her Sophmore house before she begins her Fall term. Last year, she decorated with all things black, cream, and red with a splash of Anthro everywhere. I am super excited to see if she does more of the same or explores a new design personality.

(Image: Brandi & I circa 2007. Football Homecoming)

Speaking of Anthro...if I were moving into MY new college space, this would be my Anthro design personality this semester:

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