Monday, August 2, 2010

TV Stand Dilemma

My recently engaged friends, Stacy + Charlie have just moved into a new place. Stacy is having a design dilemma decorating around their television. Here’s the skinny:
In this picture, I can see that Stacy has two free pieces of fabulous art. Idea #1: She could get a couple floating bookshelves or hooks to secure the guitars to the wall. Having a guitar on each side of the television will anchor the TV and provide height too. This idea can create instant storage and easy design. Here's snippet of my vision:
I'm going to assume that mounting the TV might be out of the question since we are decorating a rental. If mounting weren't out of the question, I would go bananas for this idea. I know I've mentioned THIS before, but I'm definitely going to frame the TV in our bedroom one day... Check it out:

I couldn't find an image to replicate my exact vision for Idea #2, but here's a couple close calls:
I love the idea of align-lefting (yes, this is an Erin phrase) the television on the stand rather than centering it. I would love to create a large mixed display of ornate and modern frames with eclectic art. This will add color and personalize your space. Frames can be easy finds at any Goodwill. Got spray paint? Choose a fun, punchy color to add some pizazz to a couple frames and get them to really stand out! The bigger the better. Have a frame but indecisive as to what to put inside the fame? Hang it empty!
Misc: I heart orchids. I can see myself putting a couple orchids and even a cute little cactus on the right side of the television to add some life to the room. Empty vases that make you drool would be cute also. I would consider moving the bookshelf in the picture and putting an accent chair under the lamp to add some more seating and provide a good reading space. (I'm reading "Eat, Love, Pray" at the moment.)
Do you have any ideas for Stacy? This is fun!

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