Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laundry Room

"Before" images were given to us by our realtor prior to purchasing our home. Before

The baskets on the ground are separated by white and colored clothes. The basket on the counter is for dry cleaning.

What's that hanging to dry behind the door?Lee's camelbacks, of course. Eventually, I will be spraying the wall hook red or yellow. Eventually.

Also, I plan to paint this sign, "Abracadabra" because that's often what I think of when I walk into the laundry room. I'm searching for some fabric to hang over the window of the door leading out into the garage. I'm thinking about doing a red and white strip. To be cont'd...

Lee says this is a saying in the Army. I see this quote everywhere. However, I got this poster because it was $1 and I already had a frame at home. I had a matte cut to fit and ta-da I get a punch of color in my laundry room. This will be the red I use in the curtains and the painting of the other wall pieces, etc.
I want to get a basket with a lid to replace my dry cleaning lanudry. I also want something with a bit more interest. Especially if it's going to take up counter space. I'm thinking about something like this for the replacement:

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