Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Enjoy Every Bite

Made a stop yesterday evening at the Children's Hospital to see our niece. She has been throwing up sporadically at school and feverish. She broke out into lymph nodes all over her body the other night too. They have been running tests and fearful that she may have Lymphoma. Sweet girl is a trooper.  She's feeling better and we're hoping her test results come back with positve results today so that she can go home.
Elizabeth was born five weeks early with only 10% function of her kidneys. She received a kidney transplant donated by her daddy (Lee's brother). She has since undergone a complete reconstruction of her bladder. She has been doing really well for awhile now so we're hoping she's only caught a bug. Her bugs effect her ten-fold since her immune system differs from the norm.
I like this pic because you can tell that she genuinely enjoys my cookies! She enjoys every bite.

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