Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend News

This past weekend was eventful! I was busy completing homework and studying for my upcoming Midterm...
We saw Unstoppable this past Friday night. It was decent, but seemed like another Pelham 123 except Denzel was on a train instead of focusing on the subway. Whatever. I wish we would have watched Morning Glory. (Great, title. Huh, Taylor?!) Still, Denzel is a great actor.
Saturday, I studied my booty off. Lee took a break from his Army chaos to buy me a new vacuum. He knows the way to my heart. Ha! He did very well. I hope this vacuum lasts longer than my last two cheapies. 

 Lee and I did meet Mal and James for dinner. Mal lived across the street from Caroline and me  during our SR year of college. We were Thetas together too. She is my favorite tall friend. Mal and James live in Houston, but came into town to see the Sooners gain another victory. We laughed our faces off during dinner and we're all looking forward to Katie's wedding in December so we can do it all again! Dang. I wish I would have thought to take a picture before we said buh-bye!
Our friend Katie had a bridal shower on Sunday. She opened presents while I drank wine. She looked fabulous. I love going to showers. Baby or bridal-it is always fun to see how my friends are decorating their homes whether it be the kitchen or a nursery.

I couldn't find a cute "Our First Christmas" ornament, but I did find her new monogram. I tied this to the bow on Katie's shower gift.


Morgan said...

OMG I want a Dyson. I keep spending money on crappy vacuums that I figure I should just buy a good one.

Erin said...

That is exactly what I was doing! This one doesn't have a belt so I'm hoping it works sooo much better.

Charlie and Stacy said...

I'm super jealous of your Dyson. I'm registering for one and hoping that someone is feeling extra generous :)

Taylor said...

Amazing, title... I hope the movie makes people cry like the morning glory that I know.