Tuesday, December 18, 2012

delayed wknd deets

I went to my aunt's pinning! RN to BSN! So proud of her for going back to school. I love my auntie so much. I spent many a school nights with her growing up when my parent's traveled for work, etc. This is me with my auntie and cousin (her daughter), Brandi.
I spent time with Lee's family this past weekend. Lee and I normally do Christmas with my family Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day travel to his hometown. Since Lee is gone, I wanted to avoid traveling and being by myself Christmas Day so I had Christmas with his family in advance. It was blatantly obvious that Lee was missing from the fun but we made the most of it by scheduling a Skype date so he could see everyone! My niece and I were hungry and impatiently waiting for everyone to arrive at Nana's Saturday night so I occupied her with my camera.

Coop dressed for the occasion.
Nana got Cooper a Snuggie!


Lindsay Swoboda said...

OMG Coop in a snuggie?? I can't wait to see that! You look so adorable in your pinning outfit, and I loved the video of you and your niece. I know this is a hard time, but you are making the best of it!

Erin said...

Thank you for your gift of encouragement! I truly appreciate it so much. We have a snow storm headed our way next week, I imagine Coop will be sporting his snuggie soon;)