Friday, December 7, 2012

small things

You know how you do stuff without even thinking about it? Like it's something you feel you're supposed to do so you just do it, ya know? That's how I feel about CASA, RFK and Project Elf. I simply have a big heart for kids in need.
Today is the gift drop deadline for Project Elf and I've been receiving gifts all morning and preparing them for DHS to distribute to children in our state's care. I had a coworker come drop off her gifts but she brought ME a poinsettia too! She thanked me for my hard work and dedication to so many kids each year. I was truly shocked because I've never received that sort of recognition at work for the charitable things I coordinate on our behalf. It took everything I had to not give into my compulsive hugging and cry like a baby. She would have probably run for the hills if I had!
With Lee deployed during the holidays this year I have been more than a bit down lately but this poinsettia coming from an unexpected peer totally boosted my holiday cheer. It's the small things, y'all. Remember that. You don't know what inner battles the Sally or Joe next to you might be struggling with during the holidays this year. Love big.

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