Wednesday, December 19, 2012

elf success

We sponsor 50 of the 900+ kids in our county that are in Oklahoma's state care. This year I was invited to view ALL of their Dear Santa lists fulfilled. Row after row of tables displayed organized clothes and toys labeled for each child. Observing our 50 combined with the other donations completely overwhelmed me with emotion to see our project come together on a much larger scale. It’s very cool to see what happens after you make your donation. It’s incredible, really.
The philosophy of Project Elf is that for once these children should be able to ask for what they want, no matter how silly it may seem, and get exactly what they wish. Christmas can be a sad and lonely time for a child in and out of foster care. Many children are away from their families, they have had numerous disappointments in their young lives and have little hope that things will change. By fulfilling one small wish they have for Christmas, the message of love and hope is gifted. This is hands down my most favorite thing to coordinate for my company. These pictures don't do the experience of seeing all the donations for the 1st time justice. The feeling of generosity in our community when you see this room is much grander in person.

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