Monday, December 3, 2012

weekend deets

This weekend was a nice one. I got a mani and chose a neutral pink with a slight shimmer.
I organized and swept our garage too. It was getting out of hand and annoying me every time I pulled my car into the garage and walked pass the yuck.

I got a super long Skype date with Lee! I had to stay up late for it but could I not?! I got REALLY excited to hear Lee's battalion is getting ready for Advance. Advance group is basically just that. The head cheeses of the battalion replacing Lee's come out in advance to get an idea of what kind of preparation and training needs to be during their pre-mobilization. Hollaaaaa!!!

I finally perfected a caramel cake. I brought it to work and there's only a couple slivers left and it's not even lunch time yet! I baked 4 big loaves of pumpkin bread and it's completely gone. Makes you wonder if these people ever eat!
I tried making walnut fudge too but it never hardened. I did some research and apparently you have to cook it for awhile before you pour it into a pan to cool. I thought I only had to melt the chocolate and stir in the ingredients. Oops.

I also tried making white chocolate glazed popcorn and then I was going to sprinkle it with red and green sugar crystals. The white chocolate WOULD NOT melt. I'm going to try again but with icing.

And did you checkout Neiman's for Target line?!
My favs from the bunch:
These Tracy Reese dessert plates:
Obsessed with this gold cocktail shaker. And those glasses? I die.
I wish I had a little girl to outfit in these Jason Wu dresses. Don't think I didn't ponder the thought of buying them anyway to save in case that one day happens either because I totally did ponder.

I didn't get one thing from the line though. Surprised, huh? I debated myself for a good 10 minutes but opposed the idea of purchasing something in the end. I'll wait a bit and cross my fingers that they mark prices down...if they don't sell out. We buy presents for so many people during the holidays that spending money on something frivolous from the line wasn't that appealing, ya know? Tis' an expensive time of year.

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