Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Channel Changer

Let’s talk TV for a minute. New shows I’m looking forward to watching this season include: Ringer, Up All Night, Two Broke Girls, The Playboy Club, The New Girl, Pan Am and Whitney. I’m excited for all these NEW shows to air! I’ve watched some, some haven’t aired yet and some recordings just haven’t been watched yet. I hoard shows and watch them when I can’t sleep. Me likey TV.

Famous sitcom living rooms engraved into my memory include:

(Image: Full House, Friends)
Could you guess the living rooms without seeing the caption above? I used to watch Full House everyday after school and I have great memories of watching Friends with my gfs in college. I remember being at a local eatery in my college town eating dinner with a lot of my sorority sisters and my new Lil (little Theta sister) watching the season finale of Friends on the big screen in the bar. Tear.
Random. What do you call the thing that changes the stations on the television? It's "channel changer" to me. Are you a "remote" or "flipper" person? Or something else?

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Lindsay Swoboda said...

We always called it a "flicker"...why...who knows??