Thursday, September 22, 2011

file in

My buddy, Taylor, had her swearing in ceremony at the capital this morning. It was fast and glorious. I officially have connections with an atty. Hee Hee Hee. Kidding. Kinda...

Oh! Speaking of Taylor...she was near an Ikea recently and snagged the white filing cabinet that I've been having a hankering for. It's pretty neat. You can customize it the way you want. I had her get the same one Young House Love got shown HERE. BUT, I stacked a hanging file drawer on top instead of doing the cabinet on top like they did. So I have 2 drawers whereas they have a drawer and a cabinet. Make sense? We needed more file space so that's what we're doing. I say doing because they had all the pieces in stock except the sliders. Wop Wop Wop...The part that allows the drawer to open and close and hang the files! So the pieces we do have are put together as much as they can be in the corner of our living room. Like Young House Love, I'll be purchasing non-Ikea knobs. I want to find some with a bit more character than the ones found at Ikea. I'm hoping the hardware dresses it up a bit. Harware is like jewelry to me.

Here's the ones(all Anthro) I'm pondering right now:

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"Kinda..." He he he!