Wednesday, January 2, 2013

drop it like it's hot

I started the Insanity workout. I didn't have to buy it so that made the decision to try it a lot easier! Fit Test and measurements on Day 1 yesterday. OMG I am out of shape but really excited. I have a couple of friends that have done and continue to do the workout and they look amaze balls. They said to cry through the first week or two and then it'll get easier. Ha!
It's a 60 day program so that has my final Fit Test on March 4th. I'm telling you in hopes of keeping me accountable since the whole world knows now-no going back!
I'm not changing my diet that much. Just adding exercise to my routine. It's really hard to cook for one person but I'm learning. Last night I had a chicken kiev, mashed taters and green beans for dinner and it was yummy:
I think watching me buzz around the house wore Cooper out because I found him wearing his pj's snuggled in bed before I had even started thinking about bedtime.
Lee and I are in the serious talks about where to go on vacay when he gets back. I'm pushing for Greece...And I want to look smokin' when he gets home!

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